Yesterday was a busy day

Yesterday we got a WHOLE bunch of stuff done.
First: Cleaned my room – Check! (it’s been a long time)
Second: Chris and Sam worked on the backyard…mowed & cleaned up – Check!
Third: Take the older kids on a hike for about 1.5 hours – Check!
Fourth: Go to Grandpa’s 87th Birthday Celebration (and be the official photographer) – Check!
I was able to document 3 of the 4 things that were accomplished today. I really didn’t feel like showing a before and after of my room…I’m just not quite ready to share my room (clean or not) with the rest of the world…so just imagine your bedroom when it’s messy and then again when it’s all clean…yep – that’s what mine looks like too 🙂
Sam – learning how to mow the lawn
Hiking with our friends…probably about 2 miles
Grandpa’s 87th Birthday
We love him so much!!

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