I love me a Kelly Moore Bag {Happy Valentines day to me}

Happy Valentines day to me…
I know that I’m a hard person to shop for….it’s not that I’m picky. I just don’t wait around for stuff. If I really  want/need it I rationalize a way to get it…quick. (I’m not a big shopper…so it’s not like I’m crazy or anything)
I know that my husband tries really hard and always does well with surprising me this time of year.
(he is amazing – I love my hunny)
So, this year I want this:
My very own Kelly Moore Bag.
First off, you should know that I’ve never in my life wanted something “name brand” – I can do with a knock-off any day. If saving a few bucks will get me something “just as good”, then I’m willing to give it a try.
However – there is nothing out there “just as good” as Kelly Moore bags.
So – here is what I want. I plan on ordering it ASAP….Should I get Purple, Pink, or Red??
I hope my husband hasn’t already purchased something for me…otherwise he might just get this for Valentines day. I’m sure it will go great with his belt. 🙂

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