Texas couple in Gorgeous Arizona Desert {i.heart.you} Engagement Photos

Delilah and Paul were High School Sweet hearts – but after High School decided to go their seperate ways. Several years later they found each other and discovered they’d always been perfect for each other.

He’s a hardworken Texas boy – born and raised. She is a gorgeous Texan Belle who loves to wear her cowboy boots. They enjoy traveling and recently returned from a wonderful trip to Hawaii where he proposed. They are die-hard foodies and love to find unique and delicious foods wherever they visit.

They’ll tie the knot in Dallas Texas in May 2012.

Chris and I got the chance to visit with and photograph Paul and Delilah on Tuesday. It was a dusty, overcast evening…but that didn’t stop us! We had so much fun!

I’m slightly torn between my two favorite photo shoots – Engagement vs. Wedding Day…I LOVE engagement sessions! I love the chance to get to know my clients and just have a great time. It is relaxing and laid back. It usually includes plenty of laughing, giggling and lots of smooching. But the Wedding Day is emotional, lovely, romantic and timeless…Oooohhh tough choices….What is your favorite type of photo shoot?

Anyway, I digress…

Here are the fabulous images from Delilah and Paul. The entire engagement session can be viewed here

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