It’s all about the flowers {Wedding Photography}

 Flowers are essential for a wedding. Without them, it’s just not quite the same. We all know that a bouquet is “oh-so-important”….but what about the rest of the flowers throughout the wedding day.

Choosing wedding flowers can be interesting….you can get any type of flower at any time. However! Remember that the pricing of flowers is dependant upon the season. Keeping that in mind…and if you are planning a wedding in May/June – then Peonies would be a good candidate. If it’s December – then you probably would pay a whole lot more to have them shipped in…plus the fact that they won’t be as fresh.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know a lot about flowers. I can only name a few and those include: roses, daisies, and now peonies…But I do know that working with a professional florist is so important! Your florist will know what’s in season during your wedding day. She will be able to give you ideas and work within your budget. Her job is to make sure that your flowers look amazing in your hands and throughout your ceremony & reception.

I’ve heard way too many stories of do-it-yourself headaches when it came to the flowers. Now, don’t get me wrong…doing it yourself is great – When you know what you’re doing! I wouldn’t even begin to know how long a flower will last after I buy it. I never knew that a standard fridge is too cold for almost all flowers (standard fridge can freeze and kill your flowers). And I sure didn’t know that once a rose starts to open…then it’s already way past it’s “fresh” phase and won’t be looking good for too much longer.

How did I learn all this valuable (although brief) flower info?? I learned it from a professional florist (a few of them actually). I’m not surprised at all that they are willing to share their information with nearly everyone. A professional florist LOVES what she does. She knows flowers….give yours a call and see how she can help you.

Don’t know a florist? Call me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Or go to my FB page – I “like” quite a few really great florists.



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