5 tips for getting fabulous engagement photos {Wedding Photography}

Engagement photos are important. They are usually some of the first photos that commemorate your decision to get married (that sounds so official) Engagement photos are fun and remind you why you want to marry Mr. Perfect For You.

I came up with 5 tips to help get fabulous engagement photos and the reason why you want to have engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer.

1 – An Engagement Session gives you the opportunity to get to know your photographer. It helps when you all feel comfortable with each other. Meeting a photographer for the very first time on your wedding day makes it a little bit difficult to be at ease. I love the opportunity to meet with my clients for an engagement shoot. We get to laugh together, learn a little bit of background info, and usually clown around. An Engagement session should be laid back and usually more casual. Reluctant fiance? If your fiance doesn’t want to take engagement photos – what will happen on the wedding day? It’s a great idea to overcome this reluctance early on, then once he gets to know me – we’ll be having a great time. 🙂

2 – Creativity. This is a chance for your photographer to put on her creative hat. I try and do engagement shoots in new locations. (although it’s hard when someone likes the photos and wants to go to the same place…I always say yes – but then try and get different images than before). I love getting new and unique ideas: night shots with the city light in the back, groves of trees, sunset with fabulous mountains, urban city streets, train tracks and lakes….the list goes on and on with the options that are available for engagement locations. Think outside the box and let your photographer know that you want to try something unique.

3 – Meaningful. What brought you two together? What do you like to do together? Snowboard? Puzzles? Movies? I love bringing meaningful ideas into the engagement shoot. Something that will spark a wonderful memory. Did he propose at a specific location? Let’s go there and take some photos. Think about things that are meaningful in your relationship and incorporate it into your photo session.

4 – Romantic & Fun. Unlike any other photo shoot – your engagement session should be romantic and fun. I love when my clients are cuddly, loving and laughing with each other. I can always ask them to look at me and get a nice smile – but it’s when they try and forget about me that their true romance begins to shine through. It’s nice to look back at these images years later and remember what it felt like. Here are some photos of when we were engaged. (I look so young!!) When I look at these photos I remember how much I love my husband. It’s been 13 years and my love for him just continues to grow.

5 – Don’t dress up too much. I know that sounds odd – but your engagement session should be about you, not your clothes. Don’t wear clothing thats uncomfortable. Nice, comfortable clothing is best. If you have to constantly adjust and rearrange what you are wearing…then chances are you don’t feel all that comfortable. Also – don’t stress so much about your shoes. I rarely get very many photos of shoes. I’m sorry. I know that shoes are a big deal and those pumps make you look amazing! But, I’m typically more interested in capturing the emotion between the two of you vs. the amazing red slingbacks you love.

But the best tip of all – Make sure you have your engagement photos printed! Have some 4×6’s printed and put them at your workplace and the sunvisor of your car. Print larger copies and frame them for your hallway, front room or entry way. These photos will be a lasting and wonderful memory of the love you share.

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