Wedding Dress Phoenix

Five Steps to Find the Wedding Gown of your Dreams

Finding your Wedding Dress in Phoenix doesn’t need to be difficult. I’ve compiled 5 steps to make it easy, fun and memorable.

1)      Start looking online –Wedding Blogs, Wedding magazine websites, there are so many places to start!. (we like Arizona Weddings Magazine…) Pinterest!! This fabulous website allows you to “pin” photos and favorites all in one place – it’s by invitation only…so have a friend send you an invite – or email me, I’ll invite you ASAP! Jill(at)JillLaurenPhotography(dot)com. Also, take a look at my ideas on Pinterest – Jill’s Wedding Board

2)      Snip and cut – Go buy Arizona Weddings Magazine, Phoenix Bride and Groom, and one more wedding magazine. Trust me, the ideas and inspiration in these publications are worth their weight in gold. While looking through your wedding magazines – if you find something you like, then cut it out! If you only like the skirt or train…then circle it! Snip and cut what you want and then keep your eye out for something similar

3)      Take all your ideas, images and inspiration to a Phoenix Wedding Dress shop or bridal boutique, or skip to number 4 below (you may want to call ahead to set an appointment). Tell the bridal consultant what you have in mind and show her what you’ve accumulated. Then prepare to try on dresses. This is the fun part – Bring your mom, maid of honor, sisters, friends…make it a girls day out. (That being said, don’t bring anyone who is going to be a downer…you don’t want pessimistic opinions. Only good ideas) Listen to your mom, maid of honor and friends – but then make your own decision.

4)      Also go to a Bridal re-sale shop or Gown consignment. You can find some amazing dresses that need a bride (truly amazing and beautiful).  (See this blog post – each of these dresses is from – Call them for your appointment (602) 606-9565). I believe the stigma of having a previously owned wedding gown is changing. Who cares if someone else wore it first – it was probably meant for you originally, you just found it in a round-about way.

5)      Once you do find the gown of your dreams. STOP LOOKING! I know, it’s fun to keep shopping, clipping, pinning…but really try and stop. You’ll only drive yourself crazy, change your mind or possibly end up disappointed. Honestly, if you find the perfect dress – then get it. If it’s not THE ONE, then keep looking. Your dream dress is out there – you’ll find it! Oh, and when you do find it – I’d love to be there to document how amazing you look (yes, that was a shameless plug)

Did any of these 5 tips for finding your wedding dress in phoenix helped you? Do you have any other suggestions for brides?

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