Valentine’s Day – Most romantic day ever?

It’s Valentines Day.

Roses, Chocolates and Candy Hearts…none of those are on my list this year.

I’m going with simplicity (since I already ordered my Kelly Moore bag-Yay!)

I want dinner from Outback Steak House – To go.
A Movie from RedBox of Blockbuster.
And cuddling on the couch.

(Or playing games together)
This is one of my favorite games lately.

Chris and I will whip this out and play it once the kids are in bed.

It’s called the Catan Card Game. A two player version of Settlers of Catan.

I think the reason I love it is cause I can win sometimes….Although I feel like he wins more often than I do (He says I win more…so it must be fairly even)

I think Valentine’s day is best spent with the least amount of stress + the person you love the most.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day??

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