Unique Proposal – Right down the street!

It’s interesting to drive around the corner, up your street and see this a little ways down…
(Yes that is a wire about 20 feet above the ground stretched across the street)
Yesterday it was just a red sign – “Michelle Will You Marry Me?”
Today the blue words “Yes” were added….
It was so cute!
“Michelle is getting married!” (imagine me singing this last line…I’m an okay singer)
The whole neighborhood knows that Michelle said yes.
(I need to meet more of my neighbors…because I honestly don’t know who she is)
I think unique proposals are so fun. When your “Man” puts a lot of thought, creativity, and effort into a proposal – it makes you feel like he really cares about you.
However, on the opposite side:
I was proposed to while sitting in the house. The rest of his family getting ready for dinner. And when I said yes and he was putting the ring on my finger…he dropped it and it rolled all the way over to the floor vent….it stopped right before falling down the vent shaft. (luckily)
Now – it wasn’t necessarily super romantic.
It wasn’t creative and unique.
But it was memorable.
My point is that every proposal is memorable.
And even thought we may want the creative and unique – I’m happy with just getting to marry the man of my dreams…
PS – He’s made up for the proposal during gift giving time…he is wonderful when it comes to thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

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