Trip to the Gila Valley Temple

The Open House for the Gila Valley Temple was amazing. My kids were so impressed with how beautiful everything was. And the way they felt while in the Temple, it was very special. They also enjoyed being able to go through and see everything.
Every room in the Temple was so amazing! I don’t know which one I liked the most…I loved the mural in the first instruction room – but the Celestial room was so amazing too. It’s just so hard to choose a favorite. I really liked the light sconce in the Bride’s room (actually in the bathroom)…It looked like a Princess Tiara…
Of course I brought my camera. I love the pictures we took there. Especially the series of Chris with all the kids. Lily was more interested in Sam’s glasses – and I had the camera on continuous shutter…these are just a bunch of priceless shots!

It was a long drive with 5 kids. The drive home wasn’t fun at all. Crying kids most of the way – and then crankiness with everyone else. Sometimes, with everyone in such close proximity – I just need to remember to relax and know it will be over soon.   Even with the long day (there and back in one day) it was totally worth it!!

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