Tips for Great Wedding Photos

I couldn’t say it any better….So in an effort to provide more Wedding related Blog information – I went online and found the following information. Some great tips from a photographer in MO. Here is what Sonja with Imagine Photo has to say:

Advice for great wedding photos:
1. If you are having photos done before the wedding in a dressing room, free it from clutter. The things you need to get ready with are fine. I’m talking about the excess ‘junk’ that you don’t necessarily want in your photos. Such as food, wrappers, dirty clothes and undies…you get the idea.
2. If the dressing room is in a church basement with very little light, try using Christmas lights strung around the room. It looks pretty and the extra light is nice for the photographer.
3. If you have too much light streaming in, try putting white or tan colored fabric on the windows to diffuse some of the light. Too much light is just as bad as not enough.
4. If the church has tattered furniture where you are getting ready, throw pieces of fabric over it.
5. When the photographer comes to shoot for your wedding, now is not the time to be modest and not want your picture taken. Instruct your wedding party and family members of the same thing. I usually end up with (too many) photos of the side or back of someone’s head as they turn quickly when they realize their photo is going to be taken.
6. When kissing your bride or groom, do so slowly and hold it for a few seconds. Some of the most romatic photos are the inch right before the kiss.
7. When kissing, don’t tilt the head or only one profile will be seen. Hold your head straight up and make your noses side by side. This way both of you will be seen in the photo.
8. Some couples don’t like showing affection in public. Let this one day be an exception. The photos will tell you for years to come why you fell in love and married this special person.”

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