Spring Time

I found this really cute Blog contest and thought I’d go ahead and enter – Why don’t I post more of my photos on blog contests?? I should be doing it more often!

This weeks contest is themed: Spring

This photo of Emily just way too cute. She LOVES swinging because she can do it all by herself. She LOVES her blue dress because it makes her feel like Cinderella. And she LOVES Spring Time because the weather is perfect for parks, backyard fun and being a fun little girl – oh yeah…and her Birthday is during April…’nuf said!

We did these photos for her recent birthday party announcements. She is having a Princess Party in the next few days…I remember when Birthdays were so much fun! (When did they get…um…”blah”?)

Let me know what you think? I love her laughing, giggling, cracking-up, smile.

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