So, Chris wants to sign Sam up for Soccer next fall. The invitation paperwork said that if this was his first year then there is an evaluation. I interpreted this as “try-outs”….so when we got there and he was the only kid on the field. I wondered a little bit.
They had him dribble, shoot, and do different “soccer” things – I guess I’ll have to learn the terminology now. Then the lady asked me if I had my paperwork…”What paperwork?” Apparently I was supposed to go in the school first and fill out all the stuff THEN go for the evaluation….yeah well….
Sam did a great job – here are some photos. I was able to use these for my last project too. (two birds, one camera) I had some fun with the color saturation….and the order that I put them in makes it look like maybe he’s disappointed at the end and walking off….but that was just effect for the class. He had a blast!
Chris signed up to be an assistant coach…this should be a fun fall semester! I can’t believe that I’m planning stuff for the next school year – summer isn’t even here yet!

Speaking of planning….We signed Katie and Caroline up for Swim Team and Sam and Emily for Swim Lessons. This will be a busy summer!

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  • May 16, 2010 - 7:15 pm

    scrappiemom - Sounds like your summer is going to fly by! Too soon, school will be starting again. Love the pics.ReplyCancel