Running….I can’t believe I really went running

I set my alarm for 6am. The plan was to wake up and run a mile (or so). But after going to bed at 1am, then waking with my 3 year old at 2:30 in the morning…I ended up hitting snooze for about an hour (sometimes I wonder why I even bother setting my alarm…).

Keep in mind that I haven’t run in over a year. For Thanksgiving 2009 I ran with my (then) 10 year old and did a one mile fun run…It totally kicked my butt and she beat me by like 10 minutes. That year my husband bought me a pair of running shoes (I told him I wanted them)…They’ve been in my closet for over a year. I wear them when I need to “look” sporty – like volleyball with my friends.

But over the last few days I’ve realized that I’m not getting younger, I’m not getting any skinnier, and my comfy size 12 jeans aren’t all that comfy anymore!!! Hello!! And my size 10 jeans are just crying in my closet because I still can’t get into them after having a baby 16 months ago…not even squeeze in without breathing at all.

I pondered joining the gym. I have lots of friends who go to the one down the street…
I thought about buying that Ab-circle-swivel-glide thing that is on late night infomercials…
I even imagined liposuction – but I don’t have time for the recovery…or the moola to pay for it.

So running just kinda jumped into my head. I saw a book on my shelf, my mom must have left it when she moved out (she moved out about months ago)…And I started reading. It’s all about women & running. I still feel empowered after last weeks amazing workshop – So I decided to go running.

After picking up my older girls from Piano lessons – I asked if they wanted to run with my to Grandma’s house. (she lives 2 miles away) They were totally up for it. I called my mom and she was home – I asked if she’d give us a ride home afterwards…(I wasn’t up for 4 miles on my first day). She was so amazing and supportive. Giving me a great idea…run 2 minutes then power walk 3 minutes then back to running.

I didn’t make 2 minutes of straight on running…but I could do 1 full minute. So we ran 1 walked 2…My oldest was slightly put out that we kept walking…she can totally out pace me. But my 9 year old was very nice to stay with me.

We did 2 miles in about 30 minutes. Not so shabby for the first day.

I was really grateful for the ride home afterwards 🙂

I’m going to try again for Wednesday…maybe my mom’s house again.

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