Photo Shoot with Friends

I did a photo shoot with some of my friends. They wanted some pictures of themselves, so we went to my backyard and just had a little bit of fun.

Then when I downloaded the photos – I had a blast editing and adding various effects.
So, here are a few samples of what we did:
Then of course they thought it appropriate to take a few photos of me. It’s different – being on the other side of the camera….I don’t always like the way my photos turn out – not because I don’t think I’m pretty or I think I could lose weight…It’s just that I don’t look the way I imagine in my head. So, in my mind, I think that somehow the camera messed up – because I look different when I look at myself in the mirror….And obviously I’m correct in the way I see myself.
Anyway, that being said – I’m not one to be too caught up in the way I look. These photos of myself turned out okay.

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