Phoenix Proposal Photos – She said YES!

Ty was nervous when we met on Friday April 20th. He’s from Oklahoma and was in town for the Pat Tillman Run…He came with his girlfriend, Maddy, and a plan to make this the best weekend of her life.

It was a little bit like spy work (I could hear Mission Impossible Theme song in the background)…I sat at the table nearest to them on the patio at Top of the Rock. This of course made Ty really nervous – but I needed to be close because the lighting was terrible (we work with what we get!)

After awhile, I introduced myself – and asked them if they didn’t mind me taking a few shots of them.

“I’m working on a project and need to depict romance with the city in the background”

It was all rehearsed! Maddy was so sweet…she replied “Of course you can, and do you mind taking a few photos with my camera as well?”


So, it wasn’t all that awkward that I was snapping a few images (of them) and was able to get my settings right. (heee heee, I’m so sneaky like that! Phoenix Proposal photos at their best!)

After dinner the Manager of Top of the Rock brought out a candle and flowers. The candle didn’t light because of the wind (not all plans go as planned), but Ty knelt down and asked her to be  his wife forever…Obviously she said yes – hence the lovely images. Maddy was so surprised – it was wonderful! Then she got on the phone and had to call all the important people in her life…she has a few. It was so sweet when she spoke with her dad – so special! Of course her dad already knew – he’d given Ty his blessing.

It was so exhilarating! I was thrilled to be a part of it.

I can’t wait for the next one. (if you are a guy reading this, you’re probably like one-in-a-hundred, but still – if you are a guy, then call me…I’d love to help coordinate the perfect moment to ask her to marry you)


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