Meet your Photographer {Arizona Wedding Photography}

Chris and I recently went out on a date and spent time scouting new locations for photo shoots. Here are a few images we got of each other.

By the way – we found some AWESOME locations!

Chris Smith. He loves being in the wedding industry and believes in making each event special and memorable. Photography brings out his creative side that probably would never be seen without a camera in his hands. He enjoys working in the Scouting program and currently volunteers as a Scout Leader for 16/17 year olds. At Cold Stone Creamery he always gets Mint ice cream with Brownie…sometimes double brownie. His perfect day consists of building something, fixing something, or out shooting with his camera. He is the best father and husband in the world.

Jill Lauren Smith. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands – although if I had been, that would’ve been cool. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I decided to get serious about photography. I love green smoothies – but sometimes I still have to choke them down. My perfect day consists of rain, a good (long) book, and an entire bag of salt & vinegar chips. I’m critical about what I do with my camera – but not too critical to stop myself. I should probably start working out more often….eventually I will. I tell my kids that I’m Super Mom…I’m hoping eventually they’ll start believing it. My favorite part about being a wedding photographer: meeting and getting to know new people and all the great friends in the wedding industry who I’ve grown to love and admire! Oh yeah, and working with my super talented husband.


I was so inspired after a recent photographers meeting. Everado Keeme, a local photographer and friend, suggested taking the time to drive around and scout-out photo locations. It will be fun to do it with a group of photogs, but I got inspired to take Chris out and see what we could find.

It was a great date night. We did some crazy pictures – but I’ll have to share them on Facebook instead of here on my blog 🙂


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