Knowing your Vendors – Is your Photographer you BFF??

Becoming a regular blogger is somewhat challenging. Surely everyone in the world has interesting things to talk about…right? well – I’m trying.

So today’s topic: making friends with your vendors – (also known as) – knowing your vendors

There are some vendors that you needn’t be best friends with – the florist, linens, decor people usually set up and leave. Even the cake lady is usually in and out. Their personality isn’t something you have to deal with on the day of your wedding. (although they are probably very nice people and you would totally send them a Christmas card because you love them so much) Even the lady who sold you your wedding dress…she is not likely to be at your wedding…walking around and talking with you or your guests.

However, your DJ and Photographer are two very important vendors. Not only are they interacting with your guests…they are there for you.

Choosing a photographer and DJ should be an emotional decision. You need to LIKE them.


If for any reason your DJ weirds you out…then chances are your guests will feel the same way.
If you and your photographer don’t get along…then how do you imagine your pictures will look?

I would venture to state that the importance of meeting and knowing your photographer should be on the top of your To Do List. You should know her and feel comfortable with her. You should trust her judgment and feel no stress or worry about what your images will look like. She should make you feel amazing, beautiful, romantic and relaxed. You should be comfortable with her behind the camera. If you can’t meet with her face to face – then make sure you have a few conversations on the phone….

Have you been to a boring wedding before? Were your friends boring people? Did the bride and groom intentionally tell everyone that the reception would be dumb? Or was the DJ not quite up to par?
We’ve been to lots of weddings (lots and lots) – the difference between a boring wedding reception and an amazing wedding reception is all about the DJ. Meet with your DJ – ask to see video footage of him in action. You’ll feel a whole lot better choosing someone you LIKE and feel comfortable with then simply going with the first guy at the right price.

I know that budget is of the utmost importance while planning your wedding. But your budget shouldn’t limit you to vendors that you don’t like. Not only should you like them at their price. You should like them because you know them and trust them.

(I wrote this blog post for A2Z Photobooths…then I decided to post it here as well.)

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