Kimball & Diana Photo Shoot

Kimball is my “little” brother. (He is 16 months younger than I am….little bit of useless trivia)….He and Diana live about 2 miles away – and it’s fabulous because we get to see Diana and Grace a whole lot…(yeah, we like visiting with Kimball too).
They are expecting Girl Number Two….Sometime in early September and Diana wanted to do some family pictures with the baby on the inside.
We went to Las Sendas yesterday…(North East Mesa). It was a warmish evening….but we had a blast taking pictures.
Grace did such a great job! They did bribe her with candy at the end…but even then – she would smile for me…I love GRACE!!!
So, here are a sample of the photos. I finished editing them this evening and I need to get the disk over to Diana. She is patiently waiting for the photos….(I love you too Diana!!)

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