John & Kaylyn Engagement Photos {Arizona Wedding Photography}

I have a real tender spot in my heart for John. He’s my “favorite” cousin (I say that about all my cousins…but John is amazing!). He moved out here to the Phoenix Valley several years ago and it’s been so nice to have him close. Having him over for Thanksgiving, birthdays and whatnot. He’s always been one of those great guys that for some reason just hasn’t settled down.

Until now…

He and Kaylyn met through mutual friends at a party (originally he thought about setting her up with a buddy…but then decided against it once he got to know her). They were friends for awhile and then one thing led to another. They’ll be getting married on March 12th in Tucson.

I love my cousin! I am so happy that he has Kaylyn in his life – I can just see how happy she makes him.

By the way, he does financial accounting type stuff…and he’s looking for a job – I’m just putting that out there!

Congratulations!! I love you guys!! 🙂

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