Jeremy Slack – Missionary Photos {Gilbert Photographer}

Jeremy Slack is a 19 year young man. He’s graduated from High School, went to college and worked for about a year, and instead of choosing to continue his college education, he’s taking a 2 year hiatus from normal life to serve a mission for his church. Jeremy will be an LDS Missionary in Thailand for the next 2 years. He will learn to speak and read Thai – but most importantly, he will fall in love with the Thai people.

Being a missionary isn’t only about being away from family for 2 years. It’s about serving others. It’s an opportunity of a life time to be totally unselfish in so many ways and dedicate 2 simple years to God’s children. I believe that we are all Children of God. I know that the Lord loves us and wants us to care for each other. I am thrilled for the opportunity that Jeremy has to go and actually LIVE like he BELIEVES!

Here are just a few images we captured before he leaves on June 29th.


I didn’t have a chance to serve a mission when I was younger. I was married before the opportunity was available to me. Although my husband served in Bulgaria for 2 years, my brothers in Philadelphia, Mesa and Honduras (I have three brothers that served missions). I have a deep love and respect for missionaries of all kinds. If anyone is willing to go out and speak about what they believe – they should be applauded. Even if you don’t believe as I do – I will listen to what you have to say. Because each time you talk about your own spiritual beliefs your testimony is strengthened. And we can all use more strength and faith in our lives.

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