Is your photographer a Super Hero?

We all know that Super Hero’s live normal lives incognito – but have you ever wondered if your photographer is one of them?

While at a photography convention last week – we spoke with many photographers from around the world, and we were pleasantly surprised to bump into a few Super Hero’s.

Here is an example of a story we recently heard of a Super Hero Photographer saving the day – including our own nearly fatal nemesis “Wedding Dress Malfunction”

The wedding day for Susan (names have been changed to protect the innocent) started off wonderful. Her sister and bridesmaids were all getting ready with her. When it came time to put her dress on – it felt like she was in heaven. Her dress was in the popular style of the drawstring corset. Having laced the dress all the way down, one of the bridesmaids decided it needed to be tighter and pulled as hard as she could FROM THE BOTTOM! Each and every loop popped off the dress. But do not FEAR!! Super Hero Photographer is here!!! Luckily, Susan’s photographer not only had an extensive emergency kit that included needles and thread….She also knew HOW TO USE IT! In addition to that – the amazing photographer (and Susan) had planned ample time for the First Look. So they had a few moments to sew on each and every loop back onto the dress. No one was the wiser and Susan’s happily ever after started right on time.

Recently – while capturing Bride and Groom portraits we encountered the all elusive Wedding Dress Malfunction. We were finishing up the photos and should have been able to get back in time to enjoy the last 15 minutes of the cocktail hour. During the last photo – my assistant calls out “the Dress, THE DRESS!” We come around and Julie’s (name changed- LOL) entire dress in the back has snapped open. The (teeny-tiny) zipper holding everything together had come unfastened and had split open. Not to be outdone by other Super Hero Photographers – we whipped out our trusty Wedding Day Emergency Kit (which includes everything we needed to MacGuiver the dress back together). It was difficult getting the zipper all the way down…and we spent 15 minutes figuring out how to re-zipper the dress (and we prayed a lot). Miraculously the zipper came together and we were able to get back on track for the Grand Entrance.

Moral of these stories? Hmmmm…be prepared. I realize that’s the Boy Scout Motto – but it really does apply to every Bride and Wedding Photographer out there. (Plus, it’s fun to look back and see “The Shot” – we still got it even with the nearly fatal dress malfunction)

I know as wedding photographers – we prefer to live lives of quiet contemplation. We really don’t want to have to show off our super powers. But if something (or someone) is going to mess with our Bride?!?! You bet we’ll be there to save the day….and no one will ever be the wiser.

Do you have any great stories of a photographer or other wedding professional coming to the rescue? Please share in the comments below…




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