I can hear the bells

I was near down town Mesa today at noon. As I was walking to my car I heard some Church Bells ringing…
I suddenly remembered how much I enjoy hearing Church Bells!!
Not necessarily from a church tower – I just love hearing them on the hour, even every 15 minutes…I love knowing what time it is by simply listening to the air.
When I was growing up in Silver City NM – we lived near the University (about 5 houses down from the University) – That campus was our playground. We went there all the time, had year round swimming passes (it was an indoor pool…awesome to swim when there is snow outside), and I remember waking up to the sound of the bell tower.
It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a bell tower at noon…
It was a wonderful feeling
A back in time moment in the middle of my busy day
Today was a good day 🙂
I didn’t have my camera today (Dang!)…and I wasn’t even close enough to know where the bells were coming from exactly. But here is a photo I found online…it is from a school in Illinois….But this is how I picture my bells in Silver City New Mexico….

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