How to get Great Wedding Images {Premier Wedding Photography}

It’s hard sometimes – “which way should I turn? chin up or chin down? smile big vs no smile”. If you’re not a professional model – then looking good in your wedding photos may stress you out a little. Don’t worry – here are some simple tips to help make your wedding images look great.
1) First – always let your photographer do her job. She will know flattering angles and it’s a good idea to trust her. Obviously, you hired her because you like what she does and you want your images to look like that.

2) Talk with your photographer about any concerns you have. If you want to look thinner in your images, ask her to take photos from a higher standpoint.

3) Keep in mind to keep your chin lifted slightly. Practice good posture – but still be comfortable and relaxed. Please don’t look down – this can create a “double chin” look.

4) Try not to slouch – stand tall, shoulders back, without being too stiff. Standing tall and taking a deep breath helps with natural looking posture.

5) In order to keep your arms from being flat at your side – bend your elbows ever so slightly and give them a little bit a room from your body. (Why do you think Celebrities pose with their hand on their hip? It’s very flattering.)  While holding your bouquet – just keep a little bend in your elbow.

6) Keep your wedding photos lighthearted. Laugh, joke and have fun while taking the pictures. This will come through in your images and your photographer will be snapping away like crazy to capture the wonderful emotion. This will also assist in getting rid of “Paste a Grin” – When you are naturally smiling and laughing – the photos look much better then a forced smile.

7)  Not all your photos have to be “Smiling, looking at the camera” pictures. During the wedding portraits, your photographer should be snapping candid images. These turn out amazing and usually become favorites. Don’t be worried about having to smile at every camera pointed in your direction. It’s sometimes a good idea to ignore your photographer unless they direct your attention. Before your wedding speak with your photographer regarding the style you want and then be prepared to ignore them at times if you don’t want all smiling photos. Trust me – she won’t mind being ignored if it means natural, lovely and memorable images.

8.) When you have your hair and makeup done – make sure it’s natural and comfortable to you. Don’t put on too much make up!! It won’t look the best. And don’t have your hair done in something that is unusual for you. Having a personal style is important.

9) Please do not drink (too much) alcohol before or during you wedding photos. Trust me…it will show! You are paying for fabulous photos – if you, your fiancé or family are inebriated…then your photos will tell that story. Remember that a good photographer is going to capture the emotion and story of the day. Do your best to relax and have fun – after the photos is a great time to let go and party it up.
Now I know, if you are  a model – this may be a fairly common knowledge post. But for the rest of you out there…I’m hoping you can use a few of these tips during your wedding shoot.

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