Happy Valentine’s Day and I’m the best mom ever…

Because Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday that means the kids get to give Valentine cards to their friends tomorrow (which is Friday). Because I like to put things off till the very end, means we make Valentine cards right before bed. Today I bought enough pencils for every kid in every class, three bags of Hershey kisses, some green tape and red cellophane paper (it was Basket Paper, 40% off at Hobby Lobby today). We turned the Hershey kisses into pencil roses… I guess I went a little overboard. (Chris thinks I should have opted for the store-bought-fold-in-half-action-figure/princess Valentines….But I am a Valentine Over-Achiever) So even though we made them last-minute I’m still the best mom ever!

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  • February 11, 2010 - 8:58 pm

    Jenny Knudsen - you can make some for my kids too. i mean if it makes you happy. anything for you friend!ReplyCancel