Happy 13th Anniversary to Chris and I

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary – of course we sat
down and went through our wedding photos. While looking through the images I
remembered how I felt that day. Getting my hair done, what it felt like in my
dress, how amazing Chris looked in his tux…it was such an emotional and amazing
day. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been 13 years….if anything it feels like
maybe 5 years tops!

I’m not sure what I’d do if I didn’t have my wedding photos. My
photographer was amazing! Of course he was using film and I was thrilled with
what I got. Looking back over the photos now – I can imagine what I would
change. But I didn’t have the experience or knowledge to make a request back

A huge majority of my photos are ‘posed and smiling’. I look great – but
I wish I had more images where we weren’t looking at the camera. More photos of
Chris looking at me in my dress. More photos of the two of us enjoying our
sweet moments together. More photos showing interaction and emotion. It’s hard
to look back and wish….because wishing isn’t going to change my wedding

If I had a time-machine – I would go back and photograph my own wedding.
I’d be able to get every shot I wanted. I’d be able to remember my wedding exactly
the way I wanted. I wouldn’t have to wish for anything.

I photography each and every wedding as if it were my own. As if I were
back in time and capturing all the moments that are important to me.

I know I can’t go back and re-do my wedding photos (I wonder if I still fit
in my dress??). But I can capture the most important aspects of each wedding I
shoot for my clients. I will always feel invested when I’m shooting a wedding.
I will always be remembering how I felt and capturing the moments and emotion
that I know are important to me.

Why would a bride hire me as their wedding photographer? Because she
understands how important I feel her wedding day is – and she doesn’t want to
wish for anything afterwards.

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