Getting the most out of your Photo Booth

Tips for renting a photo booth at your wedding – Blog post from A2Z Photobooths. Aug 2011

Having a photo booth at your wedding is amazing! It will end up being what everyone talks about for years to come. Plus, you and your guests will have all the fabulous photos to remember the fun.

The first thing you want to consider when choosing which photo booth service to go with is your space. How much room to you have in your reception area? Traditional booths (like the ones at the mall and the State Fair) require less space and can usually be placed near the bar, in a corner, or out of the way. Traditional booths vary in size from 3ft x 3ft to much larger…if you’re short on space, speak with your photo booth vendor and talk about how much room they need. Make sure they include the room for any additional tables and props. Live photo booths (similar to a mini photo studio)
usually take more space to set up—starting at 10ft x 10 ft. These types of booths do well along a wall, in a large hallway, or in a far corner.

The theme of your wedding will dictate the style of photo booth you decide on. Traditional booths offer nostalgic photo strips that everyone remembers. They are classy, elegant and everyone knows it’s a photo booth. Our traditional booths always generate two identical photo strips. Live photo booths offer a lot more variety. You can have different colored backgrounds that match your theme. Larger groups of family and friends can take their photo at the same time (plus when we’re printing your images each person can take home a copy). Because there is more room – there is more creativity
from guests in the photos.

The features that can be included with your photo booth rental will depend on your photo booth vendor. Here are the items you may want to make sure are included:

1.)   Custom Album: We always include an album for the bride and groom. This is kind of like a photo sign in book. We use a duplicate photo and your guests assist in putting it together by making comments, signing, or giving newlywed advice. This album is usually the best part of the whole photo booth rental.

2.)   Attendant: Having an attendant running the photo booth is very important. Inviting guests to take pictures, putting together the album, and being available for any unforeseen technical difficulty. A photo booth attendant should be dressed professionally. They should be friendly and outgoing.

3.)   Photos are printed immediately. This may be a no-brainer, but a true photo booth will always print photos right on the spot. You should be able to use these photos as wedding favors and for your album.

4.)   Additional features that can be included: Props (hats, glasses, boas etc), CD of all your images, custom logo to print on each photo, an exterior monitor to view what’s going on inside the booth (for the traditional style booths), having the exterior of the booth customized with your info or photos, photo strip holders, and magnets.

The best time to have your photo booth start is during the cocktail hour and run throughout the reception. This gives your guests the chance to have something to do while there is down time. If the cocktail hour and reception are too far apart – then having it running during the reception works great. Speak with your photo booth vendor to get the best time to start the photo booth. Typically the photo booth is set up early and the attendant comes at the appointed time to get it started. We don’t think you should be charged for this “waiting” time. Check to make sure you only pay for the running time of the booth.

The most memorable day of your life should include as many photos as possible. A photo booth is a great way for you to see how your guests enjoyed your wedding day.

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