Engagement Photography

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love what I do.

I could start off with how I love to see two people in love,
or how amazing it is to be able to capture that love forever with my camera.

When I sit and meet with potential clients, they want to know what I can do for them…
Am I going to be the right fit for them?
Will we get along (and not just well, but Amazingly well)?
Do they trust me to document their big day? But even more than that – I think “document” something makes it sound dull, lifeless and boring.
Wedding Photography is about emotion.
When you get your pictures back from me – you will be able to FEEL like you did on your wedding day.

I LOVE doing engagement sessions with my clients
It’s the perfect opportunity for them to actually see what I do
They get to experience a little bit of how it will be on their wedding day (at least as far as the photography part)
Today my photo shoot was canceled because of the weather…I wish I had photos to share….
Instead I went into my archives and found Kara & Tommy’s engagement session. They are so much in love!!


PS – What do you think about my new blog-layout??
PPS – I’m working on getting more images on the top part….
PPPS – I would have been able to add those images this evening…but an 18 month old and the urgent care had priority this evening. She’s fine…but I’m glad we went in to get some meds.

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