Emily and Joe – Chainsaws, Cactus & Buffalo {Engagement Photos by Jill Lauren}

Emily and Joe met while volunteering at a conservation project. They love the outdoors and using chainsaws! (I know…kinda cool right??) I’d imagine it was love at first sight from the way these two act when they are together. Emily is Joe’s everything and she can’t live without him. Joe loves the fact that Emily will camp for 8 days (really camp…not any of this sissy shower stuff!). Emily loves that Joe will pick out the cactus from her flip flops.

I love the chance to get to know them both a little bit better. They are getting married on November 11, 2011 in Flagstaff Arizona. It will be amazing!!

This was out at Buffalo park in Flagstaff Arizona. A wonderful park with plenty of trails and lots of tiny cactus in the meadows. (we should probably have stayed on the trails more). We happened to be out there while a drum group was practicing…so we had the wonderful candence of drums thoughout our photo shoot. It was awesome!


We decided that Emily and I wore the wrong shoes. The little cactus plants kept jumping up and getting us. Joe probably picked a dozen different plants off her shoes. Although it was memorable…walking all over the meadow – with cactus jumping on us. 🙂

Even Joe wasn’t safe from the jumping little buggers! Nasty little plants!

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