Emily and Aaron Engagement Session {South Mountain Phoenix AZ}

Emily and Aaron met online. (Which by the way I totally think is awesome and amazing!) And although it ‘nearly’ didn’t happen…(she missed his reply email and thought he wasn’t interested…he replied and never heard back from her.) It was a last ditch email from Aaron asking what was up that finally got them talking, dating, falling in love and now happily and madly engaged to be married. (Can someone be “madly engaged??  hmmmm…I wonder)

Engagement sessions are a great time to be romantic. Public displays of affection are what we really love to photograph – it was OH SO EASY with these two. They are just perfect together. I can’t even imagine how they ever managed to function in this world without each other – they just complete one another so well. (“You Complete Me”…yeah, it’s totally like that – except without the dramatic breakup scene) With a fabulous Las Vegas wedding planned (which is sure to be just as romantic and amazing as earlier this week) Emily and Aaron are definitely starting their life together with love and happiness.

+ (plus) Alma – their way cool dog?? Yeah…it was a great day!

(Added 1-17-12) Thank you Aaron for this fabulous testimonial!!
“Also, thank you so much for the fantastic shoot.  I can’t explain how great it was and how happy we are with the resulting images.  I know a certain bride-to-be that went through our photos for over 2 hours yesterday picking out her favorites.  Yeah, her 42 favorite photos. Out of 66.”


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