Cute Shoes {Arizona Wedding Photographer}

More often then not, I’m seeing cute shoes underneath these beautiful wedding dresses.
Gone are the days of white shoes, heels that pinch or boring flats.
Now we’re seeing cute colors. Comfortable Toes. And Sassy Heels.
I finding that doing what you want on your wedding day is becoming more and more popular. It is your day. You should be able to have it however you want.
Past generations may express expectation of what they think your wedding day should be. It’s okay to listen to what they have to say. It’s also okay to gently remind them that it’s your day. You appreciate their input. But then go ahead and do what you want.
So – what type of shoes are you wearing on your wedding day? Do you feel like breaking tradition – stepping outside the lines and doing whatever you want? Do you love flip flops? Do you LOVE red or blue or purple shoes??

One quick reminder: Break in your shoes! They may be new – and even new shoes need a little wearing to be really comfortable. Wear them around the house in the evenings before your wedding day…you’ll thank me later 🙂

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