Chocolate Valentine Roses {I’m SuperMom Today}

It’s time for Valentine Roses Again…Although this year I’m this doing several days before and not the night before!
I totally jumped on the “Best Mom Ever” wagon and we made these rose valentines again. Instead of just the finished product…I decided to give you a storyboard and instructions. (I know, you totally love me now)
Here’s what you’ll need:
Hershey kisses
Clear Tape
Get some green construction paper
Green tape (I think it’s called Frog Tape at Home Depot)
You’ll need a bunch of pencils
Wrapping paper that is clear with a design on it.
How to put them together and become Super Mom:
Tape the bottom of the Hershey Kisses together
Cut the green construction paper into leaf shapes (now is a good time to address the leaves)
Cut squares of the wrapping paper – about 4 x 4 inches…I just eye-balled it
Wrap the taped Kisses in the wrapping paper….I placed the tip in the middle, folded two corners down, then wrapped the other corners around until it looked good and there wasn’t anything loose.
Place the pencil near the end of the Kiss and wrap it in with the wrapping paper.
Place the leaf near the Kiss
Tape it all together…round and round…with the green tape. (it takes a little bit of practice…but then you’re a total Pro)
Chocolate Rose Valentines…
You’re kids will be the favorite in their classroom…and you’ll be the best mom ever
Welcome to the club 🙂

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