Busy Bee

I thought about blogging yesterday and then totally spaced it as I was reading…I’m working on two books right now (actually I’m reading a few more than that…but only two that I’m really trying to get through). I’m reading Extras by Scott Westerfeld and Portal by Imogen Rose.
Extras is the 4th book in a trilogy (I had a problem wrapping my head around that too). It is thick with Save the World/Green everything/Humans are ruining the earth…but the plot line is nice and I like the characters.
Portal is different – swapped reality, figuring out where you’re really from…it’s been a fun book. One of those “What if I could go back” kinda things.

Today I’ll be meeting the a bride, doing an engagement shoot for my cousin, and going out to dinner with a good friend. It’s a busy busy day!! Add in piano lessons for the girls, Chris going to class today and you basically have a normal crazy day for me. (Plus I need to get started on my homework for my photoshop class)

Saturday we went to the Northern Arizona Bridal Show. It was an amazing bridal show!! I met so many wonderful people!! We have two winners that we need to announce…but I’ll probably be blogging that tonight. So maybe two blogs on one day will make up for missing yesterday….what do you think??

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