All My Girls

This was a few weeks back when I took photos of Lily.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of all my girls. (Sam was over at his friends house…so he didn’t get in on the action.)

The lighting is from the window in the toy room. I set up a white table cloth and then a black table cloth. I am stoked with how well the photos turned out…my own little personal photo studio!!

It looks to me like Katie and Caroline had the most fun. They obviously LOVE being in front of the camera (I hope they don’t grow out of this stage too soon).  Emily was too much fun….so much personality in her expressions.
I’ve been meaning to post these for several weeks now…but I hadn’t gone through them yet (only the Lily photos).  So here are the pictures…and some fun layouts.
I just love my girls…They are all just too dang cute!!
Now I need to do some photos with Sam…This is way too much fun!  I love my job….being a mom is just the bestest ever!

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