7 ways to improve communication with your photographer

{and get the best wedding photos ever}

I’ve compiled 7 easy ways to improve communication with your photographer which will in turn give you the BEST wedding photos in the world….okay….that may be a little dramatic…The BEST Wedding Photos in the Known Universe! (heee heee)

1) Always take advantage of the Pre-Wedding shoot! This is typically the engagement photos – but realistically it’s an opportunity for you to get to know your photographer…two-on-one. Think of it as a “dry run” or a preview of what your photographer will be like on your wedding day. Besides the feelings of comfort you’ll take home with her behind the camera – this gives her a chance to know you both…as a couple. Laughing, joking and an overall fun time is what you’ll take away from your pre-wedding photo shoot….and to top it all off, you’ll have amazing photos and a wonderful feeling of anticipation for your wedding day! Every Professional photographer wants to do a pre-wedding photo shoot. This can only make the wedding day images that much better.

2) Make a list! Before your wedding day, give your photographer a list of who needs to be in the photos. This can be a small list: his family, your family…or it can be detailed: Aunt Rita & Uncle Harry with So-and-so…Your photographer will use this list on the wedding day to make sure she gets the images you want.

3) On your wedding day – put someone else in charge of the photos. Basically, you want to designate someone (friend, bridesmaid, relative) to gather all important people for your photos (using the list you provide earlier). This person will more or less be the photographers Go-To person if there are questions during the wedding day. Remember, you’re photographer knows who you are…she probably doesn’t know your great-aunt Rita who needs to be in three of the group photos.

4) Before your wedding day, give your photographer the Low-Down on the family “stuff”. Your photographer needs to know if your parents are still married, but his parents are divorced and each re-married. If a parent is single, re-married or widowed…these are details that will ALWAYS help your photographer. Without these details – the group photo shoot can be awkward and strained. With the necessary family details, a Professional photographer will know where to place certain people in the photograph to make everyone feel comfortable, included and important.

5) Collect sample photos and share them with your photographer. When you find a photo in a magazine and think “I want this!” tear it out and give it to your photographer. If you find images online that you like – share the links with your photographer. In addition to sample photos – write down and share your vision of your wedding day. The more you share your style with her – the better prepared she’ll be to take the photos you want on your wedding day.

6) Get to know your photographer. Make her your friend. Get to know her personally. Go out to lunch together. Email her throughout the stages of your wedding planning. It is through her personality and unique vantage point that she’ll be photographing your wedding. The more she gets to know you (and you her) the more you’ll LOVE your wedding photos. When she really knows you – she’ll be much more passionate about your wedding images.

7) Last, but not least – invite your photographer to the wedding rehearsal. What a perfect chance for her to meet the families, the wedding party and one more great opportunity to ask her questions and work out details.  If it’s not possible to have her at the rehearsal – then schedule a time to meet together at the wedding venue a week or so before the wedding. You ALWAYS want to meet with your photographer to go over the details – being at the venue at approximately the same time as your ceremony will give you both an idea of what the light will be like and what to expect on your wedding day. Many a Photo-Issues can be by-passed by simply visiting the venue together.


Getting the Best wedding images is important to every bride. I recommend using each of the 7 suggestions – but if you have to pick and choose…number 1 is really the most important of all.

Give your photographer a call, send an email, or otherwise start communicating with her. If you don’t have a wedding photographer – then call me 602-628-0301. I’d love to get to know you better!

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